Inoutscripts / Nesote is not only dysfunctional, but causes the down of your server

Inoutscripts / Nesote is not only dysfunctional, but causes the down of your server

They published thousands of hundreds ads, reviews, and posts all around the internet with false contents to induce amateurs to purchase their bugs rich scripts.

I tried to run 13 of them with all the addons, but none of them are working. Some of the softwares even can cause the down of servers and the whole network. They even did not give me the addons of APPs I paid in full.

They never troubleshoot and fixed the errors properly, since they don’t have any professional developers at all. The support online did not solve any problems since they know how lousy their scripts are.

For the customization, they just added some pre-made plugins or modules once you paid them. Unfortunately, none of the customization was done properly according to the experience myself.

They even took 2 months to hand over the customization charging me $480, but it did not work at all.

The servers and websites were hacked frequently due to injection vulnerabilities of Inout Scripts / Nesote.

Warning: They will never refund whatever happen to the scripts, once you pay them. Don’t buy any thing from Inoutscripts / Nesote to avoid loss heavily.

The Inoutscripts / Nesote scammers inserted into Inout Scripts a lot of Google Adsense Codes with their own ID in advance.These illegal adsense codes were found at Inout Queryspace, Inout Socialites, and other Inout Scripts.The Inoutscripts / Nesote scammers would make money while you run these Inout Scripts at your own servers.

I tried these Inout Scripts with bluehost, hostmonster, godaddy and my own advanced servers and none of them were working even though these servers meet the requirements totally.

The below lines are the requirements the Inoutscripts / Nesote tech support Nair sent me before I purchased these softwares.

So Called Inoutscripts / Nesote Server requirements needed!!

Server requirements  (software requirements for search and spider)

Server should contain cpanel/plesk control panel  (preferably cpanel as it is easier to manage)

Operating System: Linux (preferably) or Windows/Solaris/Mac Webserver

PHP language support

MySQL database support

Ioncube / Ioncube loader supported hosting

Also, for Spider – Hardware requirements

A dedicated Web Server.
16GB RAM (Use of non-ECC memory is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED).
Intel i3 (or above) or AMD Phenom X4 (64 bit).
Minimum 320 GB SATA Drives

Adserver and webmail also must satisfy the software requirements and please check below:

Adserver -Please note:

if you have a server with the specification like 2 GB RAM and 2GHZ CPU speed then your adserver can support one million impressions per day. The adserver script can handle one million impressions per day provided that the server is of 2gb RAM and 2ghz cpu speed dedicated server/ Ioncube loader supported hosting.

Webmail script – Please note that Cpanel or plesk server is compulsory with mailing functions enabled.